terrcera said: welcome to my world no one ever takes me seriously

[homo sigh.]


Tsukumoya Shinichi: Fine, fine, I suppose I’ll back off a bit, though it’s questionable whether you deserve it or not. I’d rather not hear you complain the entire time you’re in here. 

Tsukumoya Shinichi: Well we’re on the subject, I find it a bit interesting that you’d come here as a place of refugee and an area you considered safe to lick your wounds. Does that make me special to you as well? 

Tsukumoya Shinichi: And yet, as I stated a few minutes ago, you seek this place out more and more for just that as opposed to business. Remember Orihara, I don’t call you here, you’re the one who needs to sign in. I may kick you out every now and then, but it makes me wonder… are you becoming less aware of your unconscious actions? 

Tsukumoya Shinichi: I wonder if you’d have the same answer as before if I asked you if you were lonely.

           Orihara Izaya: Now isn’t that just rude. Are you implying that I deserve to die in such a pathetic manner? A stab to the back was somewhat to be expected the first time, but broken arms and multiple, severe stabs? How sadistic of you, Tsukumoya.

           Orihara Izaya: Pffffft. Would that make you feel better, I wonder. No, you’re simply a source of entertainment most of the time. After all, I can’t talk to anyone that has been aware of the… recent events. I’m supposed to be dead for many.

           Orihara Izaya: Unconscious actions, you say. What am I, a puppy craving attention? Heh. Your assumptions are too off the mark today. And you’re strangely obsessed with me being lonely.

Izaya certainly belongs in an asylum. I jest… actually no I don’t. He honestly does.

[I honestly believe he’s aware of every single one of his actions, and mentally sane (maybe a little unstable due to hinted loneliness, but that’s it). I just want to make him snap.]

[I want an Asylum!AU… or maybe Prison!AU…?]

           ”Blurting out a huge amount of knowledge doesn’t prove you understand it. There must be a context, a reason, and the possibility to make a proper conclusion from that extract of memorized text. 

                                                        ————Otherwise, you are nothing but a parrot.”

“If it’s that guy, even if the cat is run over by a car, dying of a disease, or getting its throat torn open from fighting other cats…
…he’ll probably still say:
So cute.’”

   n the latter part of the 8th century BC, Greek merchants brought classical civilization to the trade emporiums in Tanais and Phanagoria.[9] Gelonus was described by Herodotos as a huge (Europe's biggest) earth- and wood-fortified grad inhabited around 500 BC by Heloni and Budini. At about the 2nd century AD Goths migrated to the Black Sea, and in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, a semi-legendary Gothic kingdom of Oium existed in Southern Russia until it was overrun by Huns. Between the 3rd and 6th



      “and why should I behave like the guard dog of a city I’ll leave in few days?” It didn’t make any sense at all. But if it did, he probably wouldn’t be there, talking to a man he had seen only once before and asking him such questions. “If someone’s following me, I only want to know why he’s doing so and if he wants something from me. I could have reacted in a less nice way, but you’ve been lucky.”

          “Ah, it is mere instinct to try to keep our surroundings a safe place, whether we like it or not. And not only for our own gain, but to make sure our guard can be lowered for a period of time, no matter how brief that might be.” Only a shrug accompanied his words as he kept talking. “I hold no interest towards whatever you might be planning. I’m an observer, not a pawn.

                                                             That and other things make us different.”

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Jaws theme in the bg tbh.

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Bueno, sí——- aunque da un poco igual tbh más adelante en otoño sí que será de noche incluso a las 6.

mafia-and-coloring-books said: No, it’s a joke. See? Because if you get a ticket, then you get a fine, so Iza-nii is fine, but he’s not a ticket, he’s…no, wait. Fine means someone is really nice, but it could also mean money! Iza-nii is…no, wait…

         ”Now now, don’t hurt your pretty little head.”